Students should be excited about their future - not scared. Whether seeking the right college or career, we’re here to take the pressure off of parents and empower students to choose a future they’ll love.

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Take ownership of your life and set your course!

Eliminate the guesswork from significant life decisions.

Develop a practical plan for pursuing a life you will love.

(Job Shadow, College Visit, or informational interview in your field of interest)

Participate in up to 2 Career Experiences. 

 Create strategies to overcome the fears holding you back.

You can do it!

 Take two scientific-based assessments that align your unique self to real career options.

Explore the learning style and education program that fits you best. 

 Meet with your career coach over six 60-90 minute coaching sessions.

In Our 1-on-1 Career Coaching, you will:

It’s Your Life: Career Coaching guides 16 to 24-year-olds to understand themselves, decide on their ideal career, and lay out their path to get there, so they transition into adulthood with purpose.

Clarity and Momentum for Life’s Next Chapter.

Too many graduates are coming out of school still unsure about what they want to pursue. We help recent graduates reevaluate their values, skills and passions, consider job opportunities that align with them and the degree they received, create a launch strategy and ultimately find a career they love.

Recent Graduates

As students progress through college, they often realize their current direction isn’t what they hoped, which leaves them feeling lost, frustrated, and unmotivated. We offer them a time to reflect on who they are, reassess their options, and reengage stronger and more determined with a plan that eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty. 

Mid-College Students

We help high school students discover their best options based on a deep self-discovery process and full knowledge of career possibilities. We found students are most satisfied when they choose an education journey and career that aligns their strengths and passions with the needs of the world.

High School Juniors and Seniors

We create a safe place to explore for:

We celebrate that every child is unique. This is a judgment-free zone and a safe place to discuss their dreams.

coaching for?

Who is

 I want to pass along a big THANK YOU for all the time you invested in me all those years ago! I really feel like you were THE difference-maker at the point in my life – the one person who really got through and pulled my goals out of what felt like an abyss. I feel I have worked myself into a better place and am poised to make much more of myself as time moves on because of your involvement in my life. Thank you!

Steve Unrast, Biomedical Engineer

"A HUGE HUGE Thank You goes out to Christy! Going through Zeal coaching helped me find a profession that I am passionate about. I have a job lined up after graduation and I’m ready to hit the ground running!”

Hannah Holdren, Speech Therapist

Up until I came to coaching, I was just a coaster. Going through the motions and never put much thought or effort into owning my development, both personal or professional. This opportunity helped me shift my mindset to be serious, practical and also to trust in myself. Ultimately, it lead me to a career I love and gave me a lot of confidence to take risks and trust my instinct. 

Sam Wisvari,
Human Resource Professional  

Coaching really helped me solidify my decision to follow my career path into aviation and not pursue something I wasn’t interested in. Christy also helped me to look at colleges from a different perspective, which allowed me to feel confident about my decision to go to UND. I have had an amazing experience and am “flying” right through it. I wouldn’t change my decision for the world!

Graham Widdifield , Future Helicopter Pilot,
Aviation Major at North Dakota University 

Before we started meeting, I honestly has no real idea on what I wanted to do. Christy helped me make the choice to go into construction. It was the job shadow experience that she set up for me that made all the difference. It helped me to see what the construction world was really like.

Cooper Ellemen,
Site Surveyor with Ferguson Construction  

I had doubts about what I wanted to do and where I should go to college. Talking about my priorities with Christy was a great way to learn how I could get the best life and college experience possible. The main thing I took away from our time together was the idea that it is so important to prioritize what you are passionate about...Learning about different career paths and majors allowed me to learn that I can have a job that I truly love.

Grace Vavra,
Brain and Behavioral Sciences,
Law and Society (double major) at Purdue University

Bye-bye anxiety, hello anticipation! Watching a student step into adulthood with passion and a plan brings joy to parents' souls. Now you and your child can experience the delight of this season together.

Spark excitement for life’s next chapter

In just six sessions, your student will unlock passions, realize their natural superpowers, explore career options, and chart a path leading to success and fulfillment. The sessions are customized to your student’s schedule and needs.

Create a Personalized Gameplan for the Future

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Step Two:

We believe every child deserves to step into their future confidently. In this initial meeting, we’ll get to know each other and determine if our program is a good fit. If it’s not, we’ll point you in the right direction because we share a common goal; your child’s success.

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Step One:

Here's How:

Bring the Future into Focus

Your child deserves to thrive at college and in life.

A Personalized Experience

Dedicated Time to Discuss 

Student-Driven Decisions

An Investment in a Brighter Future

Career-First Framework

Real-Life Experience

We’ll equip them with the right environment and tools for major decisions.

Our one-on-one coaching is not a cookie-cutter approach. It is tailored specifically to each unique student. Depending on the student's unique personality, we consider different career paths, set up career experiences, and create a plan for their bright future. 

Until now, life has been laid out for them. Now, their first big life decision is approaching.

They come to us feeling overwhelmed by options and stressed they’ll make the wrong choice, which leads them to avoid finding the time to think and talk about it. 

We provide a framework and dedicated time to explore their options, discuss them thoroughly, and make a well-thought-out decision.

Students are stepping into independence. We want to empower them to make good decisions for themselves. 
When students make their own educated decision with parental support, their likelihood of success grows exponentially. This process creates a more committed and confident student who has ownership of the outcome. Hence the name of our program “It’s Your Life”.

4+ years and thousands of dollars are invested in education. Changing majors or additional years in school adds to that cost. You can lower that risk with a small investment towards helping the student explore and plan their college decision.
At Zeal Coaching, we help students solidify three careers they would love and lay out the paths they could take to get there. We equip clients to make decisions in the future that align with their talents and core values.

Too often, students commit to a college before being confident in their career direction. They make their decision for many reasons - friends, the party life, athletics, reputation - but sometimes miss the most important part: their major.

This often leads to missed opportunities and switching majors and schools several times.

We help students discover their best career options from the beginning based on a deep self-discovery process. We found students are most satisfied with their major, college, career, and life when it aligns with their strengths and passions. 

For many students, it is difficult to visualize a career or major without seeing it in person. You would not buy a car without a test drive, why would you select your career without experiencing it!
We coordinate job shadowing, “meet-a-professional”, or college visits specific to the student's interests to confirm it is the best path for them.

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